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Welcome to the website of the Applied Bioelectronics Laboratory at Hanyang University, Seoul, South Korea. The lab has been established since 2011. Being a lab equipped with advanced research facilities and high end computer technology, we have continued doing promising research in the field of RF coils, ultra high-field MRI, Antenna Systems, WBAN, Implantable Antennas, Electromagnetics, RF safety, Implantable devices, Metamaterial, Wireless power transfer, EBG, SAR, image processing, etc.

As biomedical research is interdisciplinary in nature, our research involves close collaboration with other departments and faculties in the Department of Electrical/Biomeical Engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology, USA and the associated hospitals along with Pusan National University, South Korea.  Our research is dedicated to the development of the innovative technologies to greater use by direct/indirect application for human and commercializing these technologies for utilizing EM/BIO applications on human life.

Research fields:

EM/Bio applications, RF coils, Antenna System, WBAN, Wireless Power Transwer, Implantable Devices, Metamaterial, High Field MRI, Electromagnetics.

Notice for Prospective Students:

We are looking for highly motivated and creative students seeking to pursue graduate studies (MSc leading to PhD or PhD), with a provision of full financial support for qualified students.

If you are interested to join our group, then please send an email to Professor Hyoungsuk Yoo (along with your CV and Academic Transcript) to hsyoo@hanyang.ac.kr